What to notice while watching the ballet performance

The ballet is more and more popular nowadays, so what do we need to notice when we are watching a ballet performance?

Firstly, abaout the dressing

It will give u a chance to  show the personal mould and taste,  we’d best try a formal clothing. The suits are not to be very plandid

but at least you have to make it clear and neat. Of course, you have to keep the pajamas, slippers, shorts or anything strange out

of considerrations. That will make u in an embarrassed occasition.


Secondly, about entrance

Being late is a really impolite behavior in any occasions. So we must arrive at the nesr of theatre in advance at the day of performance,

so that we could entry into the room early. There are so many strengths if we entry into it in advance. We will have enough time to

be familiar with the enviroment and know more details about the performanc. It will make us more relaxed to admire the dance performance

after understanding it more. In addition, it could also show our respections to the dance team.


Thirdly, about photographing

We couldn’t take photos without the permissons while watching the performance, especiallt using a flashbulb. Some theatre will take audiences’

cameras in a special place and they will return their goods after the performance finished. It will influence the atmosphere of the performance when

photographing with a flashbulb. It also may hury dancers eyes. We need to ban the behavior with too much considerations.


There are still many other things that we need to notice, like not talking loudly or leaving trash there. Hope every person could admire the

stage performance with a respectable heart. Otherwise you won’t understand the beauty of the performance.

We could feel everything beautiful in this world with a pure heart.


Post time: Jul-31-2020