Take care of what your body tells u

How could dancers know whether their body are in good condition for the training or not? In fact, their body also

communicate with them through some little signs. Then let us learn it together, how to understand the signs more.


1.The stomach bulged while dancing.

This condition happens due to the function of gigest system. If the gastrointestinal peristalsis are in bad condition,

there will exist a lot of gas in the stomach part. So the stomach will look like a balloon. The doctor suggests dancers

should walk and do sport as much as they could to exit the gas out from the body. Furthermore, they should try not

eat some food that will cause this problem easily, like potato, taro, mineral waters or beans food.


2.The muscles are trumbling while having a weight-training.

Most have the experience of muscles-trumbling when they are having the weight-training. This problem always happens

on hand part or stomach part. It means that your muscles are telling u that it feels tired and need to have a rest. So you’d

best to stop it when u receive the message. Otherwise the muscles may be hurt and need more time to recover completely.


3.Felll painful after training.

Some dancers think that they gain the skills from the pain, so they will train and train. Actually efforts are respectful but

we also need make it through correct methods. It is a common condition when it occours the light hurting. But you need

to take care of it if it is a muscle strain. Over-training will cause this problem. You could try to have a ice packing or heat

packing  to make it better. Or you need to see a professional doctor if the hurting doesn’t recover for a long time.



Post time: Aug-10-2020